Bordeaux Polymer Conference - May 28-31, 2018 - Bordeaux INP

Organic Polymers Polymerization Catalysis Macromolecular Engineering Natural Polymers Biopolymers Sustainable Polymer Chemistry Polymer Materials Polymer Devices Polymer Self-Assembly Physical-Chemistry of Polymers Functional Polymers
S. SchubertS. Schubert
B. BenicewiczB. Benicewicz
J. Van HestJ. Van Hest
RSC awardRSC award
R. HoogenboomR. Hoogenboom
Wiley awardWiley award
P. GuenounP. Guenoun
S. VandewalleS. Vandewalle
R. SchneiderR. Schneider
K. MatyjaszewskiK. Matyjaszewski
Poster sessionPoster session


Last update Wednesday 09 May 2018

Assistant Researcher at INTEQUI UNSL-CONICET


Expertise topic: Biocatalysis; Biotransformations; Biomass processing & Harnessing; Material chemistry

Topics of interest to discussPreparation of porous materials from renewable sources; (Bio)Chemical conversion of lignin into novel materials; Discovery and application of enzymes acting on lignin;  Biocatalysts immobilization

ReferencePoster entitled "Production of carbon foams from calcium lignosulfonate by pyrolysis and their use in the microencapsulation of phase change materials"

Biocatalyzed reactions; Biomass processing & Harnessing; Preparation of porous materials; Organic synthesis

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