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Bordeaux Polymer Conference - May 28-31, 2018 - Bordeaux INP

Organic Polymers Polymerization Catalysis Macromolecular Engineering Natural Polymers Biopolymers Sustainable Polymer Chemistry Polymer Materials Polymer Devices Polymer Self-Assembly Physical-Chemistry of Polymers Functional Polymers
J. NicolasJ. Nicolas
Poster sessionPoster session
B. BenicewiczB. Benicewicz
H. HuangH. Huang
Poster sessionPoster session
P. GurnaniP. Gurnani
Panel discussionPanel discussion
Poster sessionPoster session

Draw BPC

P. MorettoP. Moretto
K. MatyjaszewskiK. Matyjaszewski
M. TirellM. Tirell
R. SegalmanR. Segalman
R. M. WaymouthR. M. Waymouth
Monday AfternoonMonday Afternoon
J. NicolasJ. Nicolas
A. HeiseA. Heise
A. F. MingotaudA. F. Mingotaud
J. PanekJ. Panek
P. GurnaniP. Gurnani
P. StepanekP. Stepanek
D. GigmesD. Gigmes
J. M. AsuaJ. M. Asua
D. QuemenerD. Quemener
S. IsraelS. Israel
M. SilversteinM. Silverstein
M. InM. In
V. CastellettoV. Castelletto
Wine & PostersWine & Posters
C. J. HawkerC. J. Hawker
K. KataokaK. Kataoka
G. MalliarasG. Malliaras
E. MalmstömE. Malmstöm
L. LeiblerL. Leibler
M. AntoniettiM. Antonietti
D. HaddletonD. Haddleton
L. Mullen (Elsevier)L. Mullen (Elsevier)
Wyatt TechnologyWyatt Technology
Thermo Fischer ScientificThermo Fischer Scientific
H. HuangH. Huang
M. DubéM. Dubé
B. BenicewiczB. Benicewicz
H. F. Yacsi AcarH. F. Yacsi Acar
ACS (1)ACS (1)
ACS (2)ACS (2)
ACS (3)ACS (3)
A. GoldmannA. Goldmann
S. PerrierS. Perrier
E. RideauE. Rideau
J. A. PomposoJ. A. Pomposo
S. DeikeS. Deike
M. WehbiiM. Wehbii
Conference giftsConference gifts
E. BenedettiE. Benedetti
P. T. HammondP. T. Hammond
S. I. StuppS. I. Stupp
R. MezzengaR. Mezzenga
H.-A. KlokH.-A. Klok
M. SawamotoM. Sawamoto
K. WooleyK. Wooley
F. CarusoF. Caruso
Cartoonist anguishCartoonist anguish
S. ArmesS. Armes
M. KamigaitoM. Kamigaito
M. GrinstaffM. Grinstaff
M. MeierM. Meier
M. PitsikalisM. Pitsikalis
S. VandewalleS. Vandewalle
M. BeckerM. Becker
S. D. KimminsS. D. Kimmins
X. SchultzeX. Schultze
F. BatesF. Bates
M. BerggrenM. Berggren
Aphid probsAphid probs
T. J. DemingT. J. Deming
J. Van HestJ. Van Hest
O. IkkalaO. Ikkala
B. L. FeringaB. L. Feringa
A. J. RyanA. J. Ryan
Panel discussionPanel discussion