Bordeaux Polymer Conference - May 28-31, 2018 - Bordeaux INP

Organic Polymers Polymerization Catalysis Macromolecular Engineering Natural Polymers Biopolymers Sustainable Polymer Chemistry Polymer Materials Polymer Devices Polymer Self-Assembly Physical-Chemistry of Polymers Functional Polymers
A. J. RyanA. J. Ryan
S. I. StuppS. I. Stupp
S. ArmesS. Armes
D. LourdinD. Lourdin
Panel discussionPanel discussion
Wiley awardWiley award
K. MatyjaszewskiK. Matyjaszewski
V. PonsinetV. Ponsinet
P. RannouP. Rannou
Idex awardIdex award
R. SegalmanR. Segalman
M. WehbiM. Wehbi
J. RaynaudJ. Raynaud
Poster sessionPoster session
MDPI awardMDPI award

Guillaume CARMOUSE

Last update Tuesday 17 April 2018

Serlabo Technologies salesrep and product manager for Prep Chromatography & Spectrofluorometer

Guillaume CARMOUSE

Current Company: Serlabo Technologies: French distributor company which supply devices and solutions in Organic Synthesis (Batch reactor and flow chemistry with DOLOMITE for example) in Prep chromatography (Flash & Hplc Prep with TELEDYNE ISCO and KNAUER) and analysers (Polymer size and distribution with PSS).

Tuesday 17 April 2018 by PÉTRÉ Florian. Last update Tuesday 17 April 2018