Bordeaux Polymer Conference - May 28-31, 2018 - Bordeaux INP

Organic Polymers Polymerization Catalysis Macromolecular Engineering Natural Polymers Biopolymers Sustainable Polymer Chemistry Polymer Materials Polymer Devices Polymer Self-Assembly Physical-Chemistry of Polymers Functional Polymers
K. KempeK. Kempe
Poster sessionPoster session
E. BenettiE. Benetti
C. ScottC. Scott
D. QuemenerD. Quemener
O. IkkalaO. Ikkala
R. MezzengaR. Mezzenga
P. GuenounP. Guenoun
H.-A. KlokH.-A. Klok
S. HarrisonS. Harrison
M. KamigaitoM. Kamigaito


Last update Tuesday 29 May 2018

PhD candidate at Laboratoire de Chimie des Polymères Organiques-CBMN


Expertise topic: Synthesis of Conductive polymers to perform Biosensing with OECT. Interface between Biology and Organic electronics.

Topics of interest to discuss: PostDoc offers - Industry Offers

Reference: Poster entitled "Multimodal sensing polymer transistors for Cell and Organ monitoring"

Conductive polymers- Biosensing- Organic Chemistry

Tuesday 29 May 2018 by MANSON Aude.